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Colette and Axel met in 1977. Two years later they married and decided to make
honeymoon in France with their Volkswagen Beetle (Bug) and almost got into the only throwing a tent in the luggage compartment. They are small and fit into the car, but in 1980 behind the Beetle is a small caravan bound and went camping. Recent years have passed, and the children were born: a boy and a girl. Years later, he bought a camper van complete. The time went on, the children "aged," and traveled self without the parents... but Colette and Axel do not give up the camping!

Back to the '70s
von Attila Vendel

Carpe diem - live out our dreams! Do not wait until tomorrow life just happens to us -
 and the journey of
desire for new knowledge keeps you young - says the German couple, who are on a kind of modern Hoboken today on Europe's roads.
Touareg commitment and nostalgic tendencies car then woke up again when their son - following the traditions of parental
- First car also elected a bug where road Eriba Pan to passing caravans. After the children flown home, the family camper van is a T3 Transporter replaced, and the memories brought forward everyday car is again a Beetle started out. I'm so fond of this
type of driving, and so on, it also became almost inevitable felt that the T3-ast an older Transport this exchange.
Exactly bought it the Christmas evening of 2009  a T2,which - after a 1 ½  year renovation - their recent European tour the companion.
In May 2011, the market managed to oldtimer registration number place, and almost shortly after it was decided to also the journey. “I have always planned to someday transit through
the whole of Europe. But when?” They ask themselves the question.
They thought if they become too old, you may have been will be late, it is best to cut it immediately.
The husband is an economist, lecturer, journalist and wife medical professional worked in consulting, associate professor job. In recent years, very hard and intensive work began. But unfortunately an important client of their went bankrupt, and only later did that actually worked without pay for three months.
"Then we made the best of the situation fast pace solving "- Axel remembers. "The house we rented, be able to finance a portion of the trip, the furniture and gave away a large part of the household, the most important personal belongings, memories and bedobozoltuk and we started for the unknown. "
Since then spend most of their time in the old bus! In the last year first in Italy, then in  summer until Christmas in Spain cruising. Current European túrájukat about planned for 5-7 years and possibly all countriesI would like to explore the continent, from Ireland, Scandinavia,through the Baltic states, Bulgaria and the southern Mediterranean countries follow.

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The planned route themselves, often using the Internet, browse forums, information scored in the ADAC (German Automobile Association) website. From regardless of the route is very flexible because it does not travel exact schedule. If you want to change the spontaneous
the destination. If you like somewhere, you remain there longer. Now, in 2014, the largest and longest journey of their lives facts. Starting from the source of the Danube (Black Forest, Germany)
the Black Sea, the Danube Delta is located go. Actually wanted to Odessa, Crimea and Kiev over return home through Poland, but the current Ukrainian was abandoned due to the situation. Konstanzából south to take in the direction of s visit to Bulgaria, Sofia, and then further south to Greece. Thessaloniki go west, south Albania through the Adriatic, where a ferry crossing to Italy.
I expect that may come in the middle of November 2014 home to Germany. Thus, the road will be seven months in a row, but we are also able to start running again before Christmas:
France and Spain via Morocco. Christmas - connected to the business and pleasure - the Iberian Peninsula meet the children.
"This is all a big adventure when you need a new one every receive. Of course if you are not able to live a long narrow room, it is better if you do not you start such a journey. "explains Colette, then adds:

"European travel motto: 'The stars along the border' - if you know the EU flag then you know what you're thinking: EU posy of stars. The one flag, the stars and the gold color of the blue sky and the symbolizes the sea, there must be freedom of the main ship! "
For us, freedom is the most important, and this includes the travel without borders. But freedom is also responsible, Keep a variety of customs, cultures, respect ensures open everywhere, friendly people see you. "

During his long journey few bother them for it, so there are because bad experiences as well. Three times they broke up the bus, Spain twice, once while in Budapest. Thanks to the built-in alarming fortunately the culprits fled, but unfortunately the door lock brutally destroyed.
But, there is something good in all evil: so we knew them. Miklos Szabo (Szabo & Szabo Beetle workshop) sacrificed after closing time, and fixed the broken lock.
The shop next door, Andrea and Gregory garden éjszakázhattak.
"Otherwise we could not do without the help of what Gyula F. start the bus technical problem. Gyula a gas station met. Thanks to him and the great Zultan.Balaton other night, for the accommodation and delicious breakfast. We spent
more than three weeks in this beautiful country. Very helpful, spontaneous and friendly people we the Hungarians. This day also came across an example of Pécs. One car (In which mother and son traveled) the traffic stop. He got out and began to push the car. I immediately stood next to a man to help and by the time I pulled over to the curb to join, two young man ran up to take by car.
It might have helped someone in Germany, but be sure to not so fast. They usually try to get people to help. "- says Axel.
On their way they are often only able to eat simple meals the bus, but I cooked Hungarian praised: "In Hungary, the fine frost, fried meat, noodles and of course, goulash soup I liked the most. "
In addition, we took them in our country the best?
Colette begins to be listed, and then adds a list Axel: "To be sure, that Budapest is the gem. It has been we were here, but then by plane, and only one day we spent in the city. Fisherman's Bastion, Buda Castle, Parliament, Chain Bridge, thermal baths and so on. The famous tourist
much of what we visited destinations. The second of our stay here.
Then finally proved that it is one of the most beautiful major cities in Europe. We got to know new places. Particularly we were impressed at a memorial where the shoes were lined Danube.

Shocking, thought-provoking work ... On one I wondered, be thankful that today such a peaceful, free, we can live in a democratic Europe.
We visited Sissi in Godollo Palace, then to Lake Balaton in this direction, which was also amazing. Several thermal bath. We also visit the country, such as Heviz, Zala lever, Kaposvar, Harkány. "
On the southern border, came over Croatia, and Duna traveled further along - inserted a one-stop
Osijek and Vukovar - Serbia then came to the iron gate and Belgrade, where they wanted to participate in the May 15 June Beetle meeting. However, this was raging at that time judgment time washed away. Nevertheless, I met local bogarasokkal and also with T2 bus. Then, Romania has occurred:
Timisoara, Sibiu, Arad, and introduced themselves as the Fogarasihavasokba. Here you will be held upon completion of this article, but by the time the page appears likely to have been in another country. Plans are to hold talks later adventures, and perhaps also issue a book about the journey "Back to the 1970s ", in fact, since around 50 years are on the way.

The story continues here: http://europa-im-vw-bus.blogspot.de


324,000 km are on the speedometer, of which they have traveled 61,000 kilometers by bus.
- 70 HP aircooled box engine with extra oil cooler.
Equipped with stove, sink, refrigerator, WC and a Truma heating system, tested at -17 degrees outside temperature and inside 18 to 20 degrees as a pleasant climate for sleeping like at home.

The licence plate :
BB - for Böblingen (near Stuttgart), CA - for Colette and Axel, the 73 -
Year of construction from the bus and the "H" is the special feature for a "historical vehicle".

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